Mr. Hannan's fees are reasonable. Fees in any family law case depend upon, amongst other things, the complexity of the case and the novelty of issues involved. For example, in a simple divorce, two-year marriage, no children, no property and nothing to disagree upon, the fee would be minimal. Take another divorce, 19-year marriage, three children, self-employed husband, house, retirement accounts, two cars, a boat, and the wife who is a homemaker.

Total fees? Difficult to say. Will the case settle or end up in trial? Will BOTH parties be reasonable? Who knows?

Accordingly, Mr. Hannan discusses and agrees upon an initial retainer with the client. A retainer is an amount of fees initially paid which are billed against at Mr. Hannan hourly rate. The retainer basically gets the case going. A fixed fee for the entire case is almost always impossible because of the uncertainties involved. The retainer is sometimes the only fee required of the client. If the work required on the case depletes the retainer, Mr. Hannan and the client discuss and agree upon an additional retainer as the case then dictates, and as the two of them agree. This arrangement lets both Mr. Hannan and the client do "look and see" one or two months into the case. Lastly, Mr. Hannan will gladly discuss a reasonable payment arrangement and accepts MasterCard, VISA, and American Express.