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Schedule consultations with a few different attorneys who are experienced in all aspects Florida divorce and family law to explore strategies for your divorce case. Present your case to several divorce lawyers to get a variety of opinions and attitudes before you choose the one you want.

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1. Bring documents

It is helpful to bring financial documents on your divorce and records for the divorce attorney to review during the initial consultation. Include as many of the following documents as possible:

  • Bring your entire file on your divorce and/or modification, ideally that file will include all Court orders and agreements
  • If you've never been involved with the Family Court, Dependency Court or the Department of Revenue, simply bring yourself. If you receive a notice or a motion from any state agency regarding your children, or child support or from an attorney regarding your family law matter, please be sure to bring those items.

2. Don't sign any papers

Do not sign any documents, contracts, promissory notes, deeds, mortgages, etc. if your spouse requests you to do so. The consequences of signing any documents or papers may be irreparable and highly prejudicial to your legal and financial rights upon a divorce in Florida.

3. Don't move out of your marital residence

Do not move out of the marital residence without first discussing it with your divorce lawyer.


Many divorce cases are settled by the spouses between themselves, not necessarily by their divorce lawyers, so you will both benefit, in the long run, by keeping communication lines open. However, don't sign any agreements until you consult with a family law attorney. The way in which you and your spouse behave and communicate with each other during the most stressful moments in your marriage, will serve as a mirror image of how you will behave through the divorce process.


If your top priority is your children, your decisions must be consistent with their best interests, not just yours.

If you realize that some of the problems you are fighting about will not matter in the future, then the same issues probably do not matter in the present moment. Therefore, let go of these issues and focus on the important ones!

It is a good idea to frequently reassess your actions while going through the process of a divorce in Florida and make sure you continue to focus and move towards your ultimate goals.

Choose your battles wisely!

It's time to reclaim your life!

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