Robert S. Hannan

There is nothing quite as stressful as family and relationship issues.

Mr. Hannan has a Business Degree from Florida State University where he studied, Finance, Accounting, Quantitative analysis, Real Estate and numerous other business-related courses. This is somewhat of a rarity amongst the family lawyers in the State of Florida, as most lawyers pick majors where a higher GPA is much easier to obtain. Additionally, during law school Mr. Hannan took every tax course available. This knowledge proves invaluable in divorces where complicated financial matters often arise.

Mr. Hannan practices throughout the state of Florida as he is a commercially certificated aircraft pilot. Mr. Hannan has been a pilot for 45 years.

A Family Lawyer You Can Trust

Recently, family life has become much harder, thanks in part to a roller-coaster economy and the stress that accompanies it. When we enter marriage or have a child, the last thing we think about is divorce or the relationship with the other parent falling apart. Yet, it happens, often very badly.

When your family or relationship begins to enter that dreaded downward spiral with the stress of it all eating you alive, and just when you think it cannot get any worse, you get blindsided by a stack of legal documents from your wife, husband, ex-wife, ex-husband or the mother or father of your children. When these things happened to others it was one thing, but now, this one belongs to you.


Whether it be a divorce, paternity, relocation or a custody lawsuit, or maybe a motion for contempt with threats of jail for not paying alimony or child support, it is all generally very bad news in a very big way. Your once loving and cherished relationship is now a vivid nightmare you live daily. Like it or not, you just entered the overwhelming and scary maze of Family and Marital Law: judges, lawyers, courtrooms and all.

Welcome to the website of the Law Offices of Robert S. Hannan, P.A., a confident, highly experienced, ethical, aggressive, and, very importantly, a practical Family Law Attorney. Mr. Hannan's practice is limited to one, and only one area of the Law: Family and Marital. When experience counts, and it most certainly does in the Family Law arena, Robert Hannan brings 34 years of experience to the table, experience obtained through 34 years of trial and family law experience. Family Law attorneys are necessarily trial attorneys. Make no mistake about that, it is a necessary part of a successful Family Law practice.

Ideally, your case will never see the inside of a courtroom, but if does, you need not only an experienced Family Law attorney, but you also need an experienced Trial Attorney. Mr. Hannan will take the time, all the time necessary, to see your case as you see your case. Mr. Hannan will discuss legal avenues and strategies and the practical aspects of those avenues and strategies. Mr. Hannan is himself a divorced father who has, not proudly, experienced personally many areas of Family Law. He thoroughly understands the interpersonal dynamics of Family Law, which are often more stressful than the than legal wrangling.

Kindly view this website to get a basic understanding of many aspects of Florida family law. If you simply want to call and ask a question or even consult by phone or video, feel free to call for a brief consultation for a small fee. If Mr. Hannan is available, you will speak with him and not just an associate, the receptionist, or an answering service.

Family Law Attorney providing divorce and other family law representation in Brevard, Broward, Orange, Indian River, Saint Lucie and Miami-Dade. Counties.