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In most Florida counties, Broward being one of them, parties to a family law lawsuit, such as a divorce, Modification of Custody or visitation, now generally referred to as a Parenting Plan or timesharing, Modification of Alimony or Child Support, or Relocation of the Custodial Parent, must mediate prior to going to Trial.

Mediation, in concept, is a simple process.  A neutral third party, usually a very experienced family law attorney, helps negotiate a settlement between two spouses, ex-spouses, or parents who are in some type of family law litigation or involved in a dispute. A settlement derived at mediation is presented to the Judge, who then, almost without exception, approves the agreement, often without you having to go through the time, expense and emotion of a trial. That’s it, case over.

Mediations are handled informally and confidentially.  A trained mediator will help the parties come to terms with one another.  The mediator doesn’t force you to settle, but can facilitate the negotiation process that assists the parties in reaching agreement with each other.
It is really is like a business negotiation, albeit more emotional, when the mediation deals with   the financial aspects of a family law case.  Offers and counteroffers are made until the parties reach an agreement.  Even if you can’t agree on all of the issues, you can settle some or most of the issues at mediation and leave the unresolved issue or issues for the judge to decide.

Your attorney will represent you and prepare you for mediation and of course will be present by your side during mediation. The ultimate decision to settle is yours. Your lawyer makes offers, fields offers, tells you his or her opinion on the offer(s) and counteroffer(s) and advises you of how close he or she thinks the proposed agreement is what a judge may order (decide for you!) in your trial. If an offer is, in a simplified example, let’s say $3000.00 less on a financial issue than you wanted, but it will cost $2,000.00 to litigate the issue with no guarantee of a victory, the process,  in this limited instance, becomes a gamble and question of common sense.


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